Urząd Miejski w Czersku
Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej
Dzisiaj jest czwartek, 19 września 2019 r. Imieniny: Januarego, Konstancji, Leopolda
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Dear Sirs,
The Commune of Czersk is situated in the centre of a big woodland area, called Bory Tucholskie (Tuchola Woodland). Numerous species of animals can be found in this natural region.. Clean rivers and lakes are full of several species of fish and many different birds treat it as their homeland.
That makes our commune interesting for nature lovers, hunters, anglers and tourists who like spending their holidays here. Inhabitants will always welcome visitors very warmly.
We invite to our town centre- Józef Ostrowski Square and Street, chosen the best public open space in Pomorze (Pomerania) in 2007. Our commune is also famous for its breed of high quality rainbow trout. In July, every year, there is an open event organized to honour that delicious fish.
We invite you to Czersk and the commune!
Marek Jankowski
Mayor of Czersk