Urząd Miejski w Czersku
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For tourists loving active relaxing there are a number of routes crossing the commune.
Water routes
The Brda river. It is one of the most beautiful canoe route in Poland (233 km). The most of it runs through various forests. A great number of lakes invites to stay longer, and lack of difficulties makes it available for everybody. The route is marked with information boards, there are quite a few designed camping sites. It can be divided into some diversified sections: from Świeszyn to Szczytno lake there are trees fallen down and shoals often demanding pulling canoes; then to Mylof where there are lots of lakes and river sections have slight current; and from Piła Młyn to the mouth, waters of the Brda are swollen by dams and form dam lakes.
The Wda river. The Wda is one of the longest rivers in Bory Tucholskie( Tuchola Woodland) and, one of the most important water routes of Pomorze (Pomerania).Due to its dark brown colour it was once called Czarna Woda( Black Water). It has its source in Krążno lake, goes through lakes of Równina Charzykowska (Charzykowska Plain), woods of Tuchola region and gets into the Vistula in Świecie. The river is 198 km long, its catchment area is 2325 km2.The route on the Wda is relatively simple, its current makes it easy to row. The Wda is a lowland river in character, however due to its changeability (from a mountain stream to a wide, lazy flowing river), picturesque bends, often high and in parts afforested banks and lovely gorges, it offers an interesting canoe route of 141 km.
Walking routes
Blue walking route called “Nine from the Sky”. It runs through the area of activity of the Polish Army paratroop drop of the second lieutenant Jan Miętki (pseudonym “Wirski”)- Polish Partisans’ Staff and near battle and execution places in the years 1939-1945. 30 km route goes through Czersk, Dąbki, Ostrowite towards Krąg in Śliwice commune.
“Chatelain” yellow route leading from Rytel towards Suszek and Śpierewnik lake and further through the region of Tuchola commune. It covers the distance of 18 km and crosses the area of the Raciąż chatelain ruling. Previously there used to be a fortified town located on natural peninsula of Śpierewnik lake.
 “The Great Canal of Brda” green route leading from Legbąd in Tuchola commune, through the aqueduct on the Czerska Struga, Rytel, Mylof and Klonia to Męcikał village. The route is 24 km long, it goes along the Great Canal of Brda built in 1845 to supply water from the Brda river to “Czersk meadows”. While wandering that route, tourist may stay in holiday places (Rytel, Mylof) and take advantage of camping sites and restaurants.
"Stone Circles” green route leading from Czarna Woda railway station, through Klonowice to Wojtal and, further, to Odry to the reserve of “Stone Circles”, the final point being a railway station in Bąk. This is the third as for the length route in Gdańsk region, almost all of which is located in Kaszuby land.
Bicycle routes
CB-11 n (previously BY 6001n) blue route, leading from the railway station in Bydgoszcz Leśna, through Bydgoszcz Janowo- Koronowo- Świekatowo-Klonowo-Tuchola-Gołąbek-Woziwoda-Lutom-Rytel-Zapora-Klosnowo-Drzewicz-Swornegacie-Charzykowy to the station in Chojnice. Total length is 116 km. On the way there is a chance to stay for a while in Rytel.
C-12c (previously BY 6002c) red route leading from Głodówko Królewskie through Gródek-Drzycim-Osie-Tleń-Śliwice-Rosochatka to the railway station in Czersk. Total length of the route is 70.9 km. In the area of our commune, tourists can participate in several events organized by commune cultural centres.
“Greenway” northern necklace route – 870 km long, it begins and ends in the town of Debrzno, covers the area of four provinces: zachodniopomorskie (Szczecin), kujawsko-pomorskie (Bydgoszcz), wielkopolskie (Poznań) and pomorskie (Gdańsk). It goes through Debrzno- Złotów-Borne Sulinowo-Czaplinek-Kalisz Pomorski-Drawsko Pomorskie-Połczyn Zdrój-Barwice-Szczecinek-Polanów-Biały Bór-Człuchów-Leśno-Odry-Czersk-Tuchola-Debrzno.
BY-17001n black route of 115 km. Our excursion with this route is begun in Tuchola. From there we ride through Raciąż to Fojutowo, where we can admire a XIX c. aqueduct, based upon Roman buildings. It enables crossing of two water routes. The Great Canal of the Brda passes here over the Czerska Struga. Then we go to Czersk and Gotelp to Odry where tourists may see “Stone Circles”- an archeological reserve, a burial place of Gotts of I and II c AD. From Odry we ride to the north- through Miedzno, Karsin, Wiele, Lubnia, Leśno, Czapiewice, Brusy and Czyczkowy we reach Drzewicz.